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      I have Slider 1 set up to use Image 1 as the Featured Image. This works fine with Image 1 taking up the entire screen real estate as a background image when people see our home page. When we click the Learn More button on Slider 1, the Featured Image appears there as well, but in a smaller size and below the header image. So we have a header image, and then Image 1 below it, and then below that is the body of the page as defined in Slider 1.

      Is there a way to prevent to either turn off Image 1 when Slider 1 is called OR is there a way to define some other page to be called when the Learn More button is pressed (like Slider 1 Alternate)? Here is a sample of the results we are trying to clean up: http://secure245.inmotionhosting.com/~mcnall11/?bgp_slider=slider-1-bulb


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      You can disable the feature image from inner/detail pages. For that, please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > General Options and click on Disable Feature image from inner page option. Then click on Publish button.

      Hope it helps with your requirement.


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      I’m really appreciating the outstandingly fast and accurate responses. Works as advertised. Thank you.

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