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Hello, I cannot figure out how to post a screenshot to this forum. Is there an email I can send it to?

When I was using the Businex theme in WordPress, it said upgrade to Pro. It took me to this site. I purchased the upgraded version. I received a purchase confirmation for one license with a license key. Where do I put in this key?

Per your documents at this link: https://keonthemes.com/doc/businex-pro/
Step 1 discusses installation procedures. When I go back to WordPress and search for a new theme, Businex Pro does not show up, and I cannot find a place to put in the license key.
There is also a reference to a file named “businex-pro.zip”. However, I do not see where to download this file.

Please let me know how I can get this theme activated and installed on my site, as I am excited to use it. Thank you!